Black Stone of America Srl since 1988 has acquired the position of international leader in the sector concerned with the production,processing and marketing of marbles and granites.

Black Stone of America's owners came from a five generation's family in the working marble.This company owns quarries of marble(Bianco Carrara)and granite (Uruguay and Zimbabwe)and two factories  in wich we have some of most modern equipment available and this is itself being constantly updated.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained artisans, familiar with modern techniques and respectful of the high standards of excellence we demand. Our sales staff can answer all your questions and help you select a style, color and finish best suited to your needs!
We take pride in our exceptional service,large inventory,reliable delivery,free samples,customer assistance and education,and total dedication to the wholesale trade.
We are supplier  of blocks,slabs,tiles and cut-to-size directly from an architect' project. We import the finest materials available for use in our countertops, tiles, sinks, bath tubs, interior and exterior flooring, and other decorative pieces.

With hundreds of residential and commercial stones including marble, granite,onyx and travertine and many others, you benefit from an enormous selection of colors,styles, and finishes.

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